Interactive PDF Media, a cheaper alternative to printed copy



An interactive PDF can be a dynamic and cost-effective alternative to the mainstream alternatives, with no print or hosting costs for your promotion or organisation - keeping your costs to a minimum.

Interactive PDFs benefit from being accessible by just about any computer or modern hand-held device. Just like a web page you can include a navigation menu or click-through options, which is a simple way to get your reader to interact with your content, leading them to be more inquisitive about what you have to say and offer.

Your printed material, like a magazine, newsletter, brochure, media pack etc... can easily be transformed into this more flexible media. The best layout format is landscape to suit the dimensions of most computer screens. The design can be in-line with your promotion or current website, so the user easily recognises your brand or product. Include links to your offers and on-line services, it’s that flexible.

If you're not currently using interactive PDFs for your marketing, now could be the time to utilise this flexible, resourceful, cost-effective and dynamic media.

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