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Face to face or face to tablet?

The human spirit is a multi-faceted dynamic, one of our more positive facets is the face of ‘The Teacher’.

With senior management always seeking downward pressure on training costs, Distance Learning using computerised learning systems is quite often seen as the way to go. Whilst an initial cost saving is apparent in these circumstances, often hidden costs are building out of sight.

A poorly trained colleague is, at some point, going to make an expensive mistake. Aside from the quantifiable costs of the initial remedy, there is also a potential to lose the staff member either through direct punitive action by the employer or through the disillusionment of the employee. In either of these circumstances the cost of training the staff member is lost requiring the employer to incur the training costs again with their replacement.

Companies rarely have the analytical methods available to connect a historic saving in training costs to a recent cost incurred through poor training. Managers are left to ‘take a view’ on this and apply change as they can within the employers budgets and structures.

In terms of the quality of training delivered an algorithm is no real substitute for a Teacher. Human interaction during the teaching session is key to the course material being properly absorbed by the student.

A face to face session allows the possibility of interaction between the trainees also known to be a great aid to information retention and gives the opportunity for scenario role playing to underline key elements of the material being studied.

A Teacher stands before their students and connects with the class, delivering the material in an ageless way at a human level. As a society, we do not subscribe to the teaching of children by a computer algorithm for a multitude of very ‘Human’ reasons, surly the same reasoning should apply to adults in the workplace. So next time senior management start discussing getting rid of the human element of staff Learning & Development give proper pause to the potential hidden costs of distance learning and ask them, do we really think our organisations Learning and development ambitions are best served by a digital page displayed on a tablet or by the ‘Human’ face of the Teacher…

We at Garnsons Creative support clients CPD programmes by producing high quality course material designed for human beings, delivered anywhere in the world, on time and on budget.

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